About us

Rachel Killinger, Owner

Rachel is the owner and operator of Rachel K Creations. What started as a hobby and creative outlet became a business she loves very much. Rachel has always been passionate about art and creating, and she loves coming up with fun and unique designs.

Her favorite designs are fun and spooky Halloween designs and anything that promotes mental health awareness. 

Her favorite part of owning RKC is having fundraisers to support nonprofit organizations & local members of the community. She’s a very proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ Network, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Roads to Peace, the CC SPCA, LH/Flemington Little League, Downtown Lock Haven and many more.  

The pride flag hangs proudly at 221 E Main Street. Everyone is welcome and safe here. ✌🏼🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️ 



Nicki became one of Rachel’s regular customers and they quickly became friends! Nicki started working with RKC part time in the summer and was a full time employee by August 2021.

Nicki loves her family, and all things cheetah print and bright pink! While at RKC she loves learning new things, making memories and is proud of the work she does to make our customers happy.



Catt and Rachel met after Catt became an RKC customer also! They quickly became friends through their love for creative designs.

Catt is our "Second Rachel" and shop manager. Catt very quickly picked up the creative aspect of our business with designing, styling, bleaching and creating items for sale. She learns quickly and can do just about anything Rachel can do! Catt also manages our communications and customer relations. 

Her favorite part of working for RKC is building relationships with Rachel, Nicki, Harleigh and their customers. She always feels she can be herself and be loved in the great group of friends we’ve made through this business.



Harley works at the RKC shop while she goes to Lock Haven University full time to get her teaching degree. Harleigh loves being with her family and friends, and loves being at the beach!

Harleigh keeps the shop running smoothly, and helping fill orders and make in stock items!  


Melissa is another RKC customer who became a great friend, and now an awesome addition to the shop! She loves kids designs and always comes up with fun new ideas that are inspired by her young children. 

Melissa is very helpful and organized. She keeps our shop clean and organized to help our busy shop run efficiently.